Course Instructions

5k Run/Walk = 1 lap, 10k Run/Walk = 2 laps, 15k Run = 3 laps

2 person relay = 1 laps each. Both runners can start at the same time, or do a hand off to each other. The times are added together for a team time.

15k Map | Half Marathon Map | Duathlon Map | Kids Dash Map | Elevation Profile | Dog Dash Map

We have an aid station every 3 miles. During the summer months we have an aid station every 2 miles.

Course Instructions

Run the 5k loop 4 times, then on your last lap you finish with our 1.097k loop. This gives you a 21.097k course which is a half marathon 13.1miles.


Run 2.6 miles, bike 10 miles, than sprint 1/2 a mile to finish!

Kids Dash 400meters

The kids dash heads 200m south on the course to a turn around and than heads back to the start for a total of 400 meters. Parents may run with their kid if they would like. The event starts 15min before the main event start time. The age range is from 2-10 years old.

Barefoot Mile

Dog Dash 2 mile course

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